Why employers can't do without Work Smart


 The future of work belongs to those who work smart. Studies show that companies offering flexible working conditions are popular on the labour market. In times where enterprises suffer from a shortage of specialists, flex work becomes a competitive advantage in fishing for talents. Employees who are free to decide where and when to work are also more motivated and loyal to their employer. However, mobile and flexible working offers new kinds of challenges for team leaders. New tools or a subscription to coworking spaces are practical and time-saving for employees, but require new rules in the teams. Smart working is necessary in order to really benefit from the new ways of working. In the first part of the session, Alexandra Kühn, Managing Director of the Work Smart Initiative, shows what this initiative is and has to offer. In the second part, Claudia Giorgetti, die Mobiliar, and Muriel Bouakaz, Witzig The Office Company, will discuss with her, based on their experiences, how companies can meet the new challenges.


Alexandra Kühn, Managing Director, Work Smart Initiative

Muriel BouakazResearch & Design Office Acadamy, Witzig The Office Company 

Claudia Giorgetti Del Monte, Head of Organisational and Cultural Development, die Mobiliar